Making the real estate industry more efficient


Till date, String has delivered over 10 million title and mortgage transactions and stands out by virtue of its phenomenally fast turnaround times.

For nearly a decade, String has been single-mindedly focusing on making the American real-estate industry more efficient. Given its focus, String has been a provider of end-to-end specialized services and solutions targeted at the Title Insurance and Residential Mortgage Lending industries.

The cyclical nature of the American real estate industry – due to its sensitiveness to interest rate fluctuations – allows the best of lenders to close no more than 60 to 70% of originated loans on a monthly basis. This cyclical nature of the markets also causes a huge variance in buying behavior, with sudden influxes in volume and equally sudden drops. As a result, title agents are burdened with crippling fixed costs due to a huge wastage of permanent resources; the variance also exerts a very high pressure on their installed capacity for meeting turn time commitments.

String’s outsourced title mortgage services provide its customers with high-quality, easy-to-use products that help them offset their fixed costs. Clients pay only on a per transaction basis without any minimum guarantee, and String’s 100% variable pricing model helps them to avoid the burden of fixed overhead expenses. Furthermore, String’s “inch-wide mile-deep” focus ensures that its personnel are fully conversant with the mortgage/title industry processes.In order to handle increased volumes, the String team is always in a state of readiness to scale up –there are several instances when we have gone live in less than two hours. Thus, String imparts a level of efficiency to title mortgage services that help its clients meet their turn time commitments and sustain their market competitiveness.

String’s clients include Title Agencies, Underwriters, Settlement Companies, VMCs, Residential Mortgage Lenders, Realtors, and Title Plants.

“Inch-wide Mile-deep” Focus

String is among a handful of global service providers who focus exclusively on the American real-estate industry. It is this single-minded presence of nearly a decade in the industry that has given String a focus it calls “inch-wide, mile-deep”; a focus that has helped it amass a staggering amount of knowledge and obtain invaluable exposure to the Title Insurance and Residential Mortgage industries. The String team is comprehensively trained and collectively has over 5 million person years of experience in the areas of Title Insurance and Residential Mortgage.

Centers of Excellence (CoE)

String has carefully crafted Centers of Excellence (CoE) to closely monitoring industry trends and develop frameworks, tools, process designs, and proof-of-concepts for process optimization.

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String’s depth of experience and knowledge in the Title Insurance & Residential Mortgage industry ensures that it stands out by virtue of its phenomenally fast turnaround times. String provides high-impact solutions even in areas that are otherwise considered outsourcing unfriendly because of the high level of domain expertise they demand.


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