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String enjoys the lowest attrition in the industry and for over 20% of its employees, String has been their first job.

String is not just a great place to build your career, it is also an exciting place to work in. The work culture is unique in that it thrives on a spirit of teamwork and purposeful collaboration between the company, its employees, and customers:

  • there is mutual respect for one another
  • communication is open
  • learning is fun
  • empowerment is the norm
  • performance is celebrated
  • specialists are valued

String looks to forge long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with its employees. Thus, what String offers is much more than just a job; it offers an opportunity-laden career path. While String’s HR practices are tuned to attracting and hiring the finest talents in the industry, they give equal weight to ensuring the right cultural fit. “Focus” is the bedrock of String’s work culture – its talent practices and processes are geared to foster a culture that focuses steadfastly on learning and performance. This in turn translates into faster growth for String’s employees and improved business results for its customers.

From its inception, String has followed a policy of investing in its people, to help them grow and attain their fullest potential. There are more than 50 different learning and development programs that include certifications, ongoing brown-bag lunches, monthly and quarterly performance reviews. These enable String to provide every employee several opportunities for identifying their professional goals and develop relevant skills. Fast-track career growth is a given for high-performers – over 60% of the management staff constitute internal promotions. And, for over 20% of its employees String has been their first job.

Irrespective of the point one is in, on his or her career journey, String is a place that has opportunities aplenty to turn the professional into an experienced specialist. Being part of a high-energy, high performance team is not just thrilling, it holds the possibility of incredible professional growth.


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