Making the real estate industry more efficient

Process Excellence

Combining process re-engineering and automation along with 40+ in-house custom-built tools, String has delivered efficiencies upwards of 50% to its clients.

Turntime & Quality

Technology-led Process Design

String is committed to providing all its clients with the best-in-class process workflows, continuous optimization, and improvements.

Client projects always get the benefit of meticulous planning and robust workflows developed and designed jointly by String’s technology teams and CoEs. The workflows take into account every detail and nuance of the customer requirement and process–the focus is always on delivering optimal process design in the quickest possible turn time, underscored by unmatched quality standards and efficiency levels.

String’s transition team uses its proprietary ProdigyTM tool for analyzing every process; the parameters are complexity, skillsets, and SLAs. For optimum execution, the workflow design is based on a thoroughly tested hypothesis. Wherever required, technology and domain interventions are made depending on the need for automation, accuracy and efficiency.

String’s technology teams have developed over forty technology and domain interventions. They can be deployed in processes such as in-built quality checklists, format conversion tools, field validation tools, dashboards, data extraction and population tools, and auto order assignment engines, with minimum customization.

360-degree Process Improvements

As part of its commitment to optimal process design, String adopts a systematic approach to process improvements:

  • Conducts time and motion study of processes for designing interventions such as training, technology, and infrastructure
  • Undertakes work study to regularly identify activities that do or do not add value to process optimization
  • Shift alignments and resource staffing based on order input pattern and volume study
  • Carries out failure mode and effect analysis for quality planning
  • Conducts audits using in-built checklists
  • Carries out regular assessment of resources

Business Enablers

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