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Will Amazon Ever Make Money?

Jeff Bezos says that Amazon has shown profits in the past.  And while he does not offer much visibility regarding when and how the company could turn a profit, Bezos reiterates that the company is losing money because it’s investing for growth, not because the business in inherently unprofitable.

Bezos says it is too early to call Fire Phone, the first smartphone designed by Amazon, a failure. Rather insists it requires lots of iterations to analyze and to stay tuned for years for an evolution of the phone.


Bezos has been the (only) face of Amazon for so long that two inevitable questions arose

Question 1. What is his job today: “I’m helping to maintain the culture – a culture of high standards of operational excellence, of inventiveness, of willingness to fail, willingness to make bold experiments. Many of the traits that make Amazon unusual are now deeply ingrained in the culture.”

Question 2. After Bezos, who?  Jeff says there is a Succession Plan – for him and for all of his senior executives but won’t reveal who will take over.




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