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The Federal Reserve: What’s Really Behind The Curtain?

The Federal Reserve is the single important economic institution in the world.

And for those of us in the title and mortgage industry, as we know all too well the impact it can have on our business.  I might argue that the Fed actions over the last five years (its QE policies starting Dec 2008 – whether it be QE1, QE2 or Operation Twist – leading to to the taper) have impacted our revenues and profitability more than anything else.

Here’s the single best introduction to the Federal Reserve that we’ve come across – by Winthrop Hambley, a Fed insider.

Caveat: Long presentation, best digested in small doses.  But please stay with it.

Once you read this, you’ll be better informed than 99% of other title and mortgage participants.

  • Evan Mulch

    Was there supposed to be an article from Winthrop Hambley here?

    • Hi Evan! The link that takes you to the article
      got missed due to a technical glitch. It has been fixed. Thanks for letting us
      know. Have a great read!

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