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String Book Summary: “Winning” By Jack & Suzy Welch

Jack Welch was arguably the most successful professional American CEO in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Alfred Sloan of GM would get my vote for the first half and for the entire 20th century.

Welch led GE for twenty eventful and very successful years from 1981 through 2000.  When he left, GE was the world’s most valuable company as measured by market cap.

Welch was a restless manager, in a never-ending quest to take his company to the next level.

His book, “Winning” is a wonderful distillation of the practices and strategies he deployed with such great success at GE.  There’s no theory here — this is all solid, actionable information.

Your friends at String have summarized all of Welch’s wisdom in 20 easy-to-read slides.


  • having worked @ GE Plastics….I can attest to the company goal – that if not being # 1 OR # 2 with the chance of being #1 in your field of business suggests you are just an ” also ran ” in a crowded field with a dubious chance of success….. looks like STRING has a good shot at it

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