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Social Media And The Title/ Mortgage Industry

ALTA did an admirable job with its Social Media Summit at the Business Strategies Conference in Nashville back in March.  The speakers and presentations were solid and provided great insights.

Some anecdotal observations:

1) So much to do, such little time
Many of the attendees were overwhelmed by the sheer flood of data.  As one of the attendees commented: “Who on earth has time to do all this social media stuff?  I work at my regular job 8 to 5 and beyond.  When do I do all this – 5 to 8?”

2) Marketing vs Sales
One challenge with social media is that it’s a “marketing” tool, not a sales tool.  It’s a means of building a brand, of gaining visibility.  And like all marketing activities (old or new) social media marketing takes a significant investment of time (and resources) before you can see any payoff.  Most industry participants have grown up with sales as their primary means of customer acquisition.

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