Making the real estate industry more efficient


  • What Millennials Look For In A Mortgage Lender

    It has taken a year or two longer than expected, but Millennials have finally started to enter the home buying market. This move has been long anticipated and is a welcome sight to those of us in the real estate industry. As the first generation to out-number the Baby Boom generation, Millennials present an enormous [...]

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  • Dealing With The Tightening Labor Market

    Our industry is facing something we have not seen in quite some time, a shortage of skilled labor. With the US unemployment rate at a ten year low, the skilled labor shortage is impacting all aspects of our industry, from construction workers to loan processors to escrow officers. While the growing need for skilled workers [...]

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  • The Impact Of Technology On The Mortgage Process

    For decades, obtaining a mortgage was a local process handled in person at your local bank. For better or worse, those days are long gone. With the increased adoption of the internet two decades ago, this once local process morphed into a regional process. Today, with the adoption of new technology such as e-signature and document [...]

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  • May 2017 : Top 10 Tweets

    How student loan debt impact Boomer’s generation? U.S. residential loan origination dollar volume drops to 3 year low in Q1 2017 String/ WFG webinar on Challenges & Opportunities Facing Title Industry Bankrate: 30-year fixed Mortgage rate down to 4.15% Mortgage rates edge down slightly for this week Mortgage delinquencies decrease in Q1, @MBAMortgage Here are [...]

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