Making the real estate industry more efficient


  • Benchmarking In The Real Estate Industry

    In the natural world, long term survival demands evolution. Species that fails to evolve and adapt to changing conditions will go extinct. The same holds true for corporations. Regardless of size, companies that fail or refuse to evolve will cease to exist. In the real estate industry evolution has taken a relatively slow pace, particularly [...]

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  • Webinar Recap: The Encompass Compass: Seven Tricks To Boost Your Encompass Experience

    Ellie Mae’s Encompass is the most popular mortgage loan origination system in the country, with one out of every five loans passing through Encompass. However, based on our interactions with hundreds of mortgage lenders each year, we know that many Encompass users are not leveraging all of Encompass’ capabilities to the fullest. To help address this [...]

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  • Challenges For The Settlement Agent

    As we enter the second half of 2017, the real estate industry continues to grow. Most markets across the country are experiencing healthy growth in real estate sales volume and prices for residential property continues to tick up. Yet, even in an expanding market, there are still challenges that must be overcome. With this post, [...]

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  • Blockchain Technology In The Real Estate Industry

    On Monday of this week, Bitcoin hit an all-time high surpassing $4,200 per unit/coin. Year to date, the cryptocurrency’s value has increased 400% and its acceptance for the purchase of luxury items, including real estate, continues to grow. Earlier this year a multi-million-dollar property in California was purchased with Bitcoin and a luxury condo in Vancouver [...]

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