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  • Are We In A Bubble?

    For many of us in the real estate industry, it’s hard to believe that we are approaching 10 years since the financial crisis. While our industry has recovered significantly since then, it certainly is not as robust as in the pre-crisis years. Yet recently, main stream media has started to use the dreaded word “bubble” […]

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  • Common Questions When It Comes To Outsourcing

    Change is important for any organization. Internally it allows your employees to explore new opportunities and expand their skill sets, which directly benefits your operation. Externally, change can uncover new growth opportunities and more efficient ways of operating. Yet, like individuals who are averse to change in their personal life, organizations often have the same […]

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  • March 2017 : Top 10 Tweets

    South Florida locals facing housing unaffordability Zillow & String present an exclusive webinar on Attracting Millennial Mortgage Borrowers: Insights For Mtge Lenders Where are Millennials buying homes? Best cities for successful aging Trump plans $6 Billion in cuts to HUD development grants Consumer confidence hits new high Joe Garrett Webinar: 10 common mistakes of underperforming […]

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  • The Authentic Company

    As social media has grown, a trend we view as very positive has emerged among consumers – they are increasingly seeking out and doing business with companies they consider to be authentic. In today’s business environment, consumers and companies are more closely linked than they have ever been before. The internet, with its interactive web […]

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