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  • Webinar Recap: Calculated Risk’s
    Top 10 Questions Of 2018: A New Year Preview

    There is already a lot of economic uncertainty in 2018. From changes in the CFPB, to Freddie & Fannie updates, and of course, nuclear armageddon tax reform. With all of that in mind, how do you plan and budget for the year ahead? I mean, we are all mortgage and title professionals, not professional economists. [...]

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  • December 2017 : Top 10 tweets

    U.S. new home sales soar to highest level in a decade Mortgage credit risk increase from Q3 Fannie Mae economic and housing outlook: 2017 will end on a cheerful note L.A. city council approves development fee to raise money for affordable housing Mortgage organizations and their efforts to make housing more affordable U.S. home flipping [...]

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  • Webinar Recap: The RESPA Dilemma

    The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act is a 43 year old statute that governs virtually every relationship there is in the mortgage loan origination business. The industry thought they understood how RESPA worked. Then the CFPB changed the interpretation of Section 8(c)(2), opening up an onslaught of questions and concerns about what actually is and [...]

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  • November 2017 : Top 10 tweets

    RESPA regulations are certainly not popular, but they are here to stay. If it’s not followed precisely, it can be disastrous to a business. So come join us Dec 5th for “The RESPA Dilemma” with Mitch Kider & learn the dos & donts of this misunderstood law. I ran the calculations and found that [...]

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