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  • It’s Not Just Cybercrime, Mortgage Fraud Is Growing Too

    When it comes to threats facing the real estate industry, cybercrime has recently taken center stage. Rarely a week passes without a news story where purchase money was stolen through misdirection and wire fraud. Often perpetrated by criminal organization outside the United States, these attacks are an affront on our industry as a whole. Yet [...]

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  • Webinar Recap: Industry Best Practices for Title Software Users

    Many title agencies are still using the same methods instituted twenty or thirty years ago.  Inconvenient and time-consuming tasks bog down employees whose talents could be better directed elsewhere.  Managing paper documents, keeping track of many individual orders, phone & fax communications with clients and vendors: these are all traditional functions that impede on money [...]

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  • The Cost Savings Advantage To Being Accurate

    Over the last decade, operating in the real estate settlement industry has become significantly more challenging. The growth in regulations enacted since the real estate market’s crash along with greater industry oversight have increased operating costs for settlement agents while settlement fees in many markets have remained largely unchanged. In just the last handful of [...]

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  • August 2017 : Top 10 tweets

    Cities where Millennials choose to migrate? Mortgage apps decline for two weeks in a row National home price index sets all time high: S&P/Case-Shiller Americans confidence soars to 16-year high Challenges facing settlement agents Positive signals reflect in Texas new home sales CFPB offers warning about the dangers of using reverse mortgages Midwest region serves [...]

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