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  • Social Media And The Title/ Mortgage Industry

    ALTA did an admirable job with its Social Media Summit at the Business Strategies Conference in Nashville back in March.  The speakers and presentations were solid and provided great insights. Some anecdotal observations: 1) So much to do, such little time Many of the attendees were overwhelmed by the sheer flood of data.  As one [...]

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  • Brand Value In The Title Industry: Feedback

    Last month, we concluded that none of the title insurance underwriters had “brand value”. Lou Pontani, a marketing maven at First American disagrees: As I read further I have this comment about the title underwriters brand . . . “I’m defining brand value as the power to charge a higher price than your competitors for [...]

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  • Twitter Top 10

    String tweets. A lot. Here’s a round of our most popular tweets over the last month. Per #TitleReport, title insurance experts agree with #POTUS in #SOTU on homeownership. Et tu? HELOCs, those vilified mortgage products that contributed to housing bubble & crash, are booming again. What’s behind the equity credit line eruption? #WSJ op-ed: Govt [...]

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  • Bruce Springsteen In The New Yorker

    “Some guys they just give up living And start dying little by little, piece by piece Some guys come home from work and wash up And go racing in the street” – Bruce Springsteen (Racing In The Street) Calling fans of Bruce Springsteen:  Check out this profile  by David Remnick from the New Yorker. If [...]

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