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  • November 2017 : Top 10 tweets

    RESPA regulations are certainly not popular, but they are here to stay. If it’s not followed precisely, it can be disastrous to a business. So come join us Dec 5th for “The RESPA Dilemma” with Mitch Kider & learn the dos & donts of this misunderstood law. I ran the calculations and found that [...]

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  • October 2017 : Top 10 tweets

    This is a swanky affair at @TamayoDenver! Thanks for the invite @MtgCoop!  #MBAAnnual17 Ellie Mae Millennial tracker report shows higher rates didn’t deter Millennials This is some view at the @GrdHyattDenver! #MBAAnnual17 Understanding The Home Appraisal Process Texas cities dominate top single-family housing markets We’ll be at @MBAMortgage Annual in Denver, come see how we [...]

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  • The Digital Revolution – Blockchain

    There has been a lot of talk over the past year about the implications of blockchain technology in the mortgage and title sectors. And phrases from, “Greatest thing since sliced bread,” to, “It’s going to take our jobs! Kill it! Kill it with fire!” have been uttered about it. But the truth lies somewhere in [...]

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  • Why It Makes Sense To Outsource The Pre-Approval Process

    In a post last month, we suggested that when it comes to business process outsourcing (BPO) consideration should be given to outsourcing steps as well as whole processes. The examples we provided of steps ideally suited for outsourcing focused largely on steps performed by the settlement agent. With this post we will look at a [...]

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