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  • May 2018 : Top 10 tweets

    1 Million Dollars: What it buys in the U.S. housing market? NLIHC reveals the key benefits of greater investments in affordable homes and communities Low reverse mortgage securities production is the ‘New Normal’ Here are 2017′s top fair housing complaints: NFHA Forward thinking towards industrial growth Home equity growth slows in Q1 2018 Equifax: Private-label [...]

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  • April 2018 : Top 10 tweets

    Midwest is the most affordable housing markets in the US Credit scores will head higher from this month California offers the least affordable housing markets in 2018 U.S. property taxes on single family homes increase 6% to more than $293B CoreLogic: Home prices increase 6.7% year-over-year LendingTree ranks cities with the highest share of cash-out [...]

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  • Webinar Recap: Transformative Tech: The Future of Real Estate Technology

      We have all seen the headlines about a technological tectonic shift coming to the real estate landscape.  Digitization, blockchain, cloud computing, AI, machine learning… they’re all coming right around the corner and will change everything tomorrow… right? Well, not exactly. These technologies ARE coming and will change the industry, but which ones will come [...]

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  • March 2018 : Top 10 tweets

    Smaller banks better at reinvesting in communities, says survey Loans close faster in February as rates continue to climb Foreclosure protections for veterans, service member gets a mortgage after active duty America’s finest city needs to start rolling out more housing than planned Millennials lead the highest share of home buying activity out of other [...]

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