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  • Webinar Recap: Calculated Risk’s Top 10 Questions Of 2017

    Trucking along with our String Opportunity 2017 Webinar series, we recently had financial blogging guru Bill McBride of Calculated Risk fame.  McBride spoke about the Top 10 Economic Questions For 2017 – a framework he uses to assess the economy’s overall performance and predict how things will pan out. Here’s what interested him most about […]

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  • 5 Traits Of Successful Mortgage Lenders

    According to NMLS, there are over 16,000 entities licensed in the United States as non-depository mortgage lenders and over 450,000 individuals licensed as mortgage originators. Factor in close to 7,000 banks and the mortgage market is a very competitive and crowded market place. With most of these mortgage lenders competing against one another at the […]

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  • The Benefit Of Pre-Underwriting For Mortgage Lenders

    According to Fannie Mae’s “Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey” optimism among lenders on the direction of the US economy and home prices remains high. Yet market dynamics are placing significant pressure on profit margins for many lenders. Key among those dynamics are the market’s pivot from a high-volume refinance dominated market to a slowing purchase market […]

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  • Why Outsourcing Makes Sense For Local Lenders And Credit Unions?

    For many of the largest mortgage lenders in the country, outsourcing plays a key role in their overall business strategy. By capitalizing on the benefits of outsourcing, including reduced overhead costs and economies of scale, these lenders can direct more of their resources on expanding their business and gaining market share. Yet outsourcing and the […]

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