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Happiness – It’s Good For Business


Measuring ‘happiness’ has become a popular topic of late. It’s hard to go a month without coming across one online article that ranks happiest cities, or happiest states, or happiest regions, or happiest countries, or happiest places to work, etc. etc. The bulk of these rankings are only useful if you’re looking for a new place to live or work. That is until now.

Several researchers have started to look for correlations between a region’s happiness and the way in which companies headquartered in those areas ran their business. What they found is very interesting. Companies operating in areas where the population had a higher degree of happiness spend more on R&D and long term investments. The reason, according to the researchers, is due to the mind set of happier people who tend to be more productive and creative, more willing to take greater risks and are more forward-thinking and long term focused.

If the researcher’s conclusions are correct, then happiness can be a significant influencer in a company’s long term success. As companies that have a happy workforce that is more productive and creative and willing to invest for the long term will have a better chance at achieving success than a competitor with a workforce that lacks those attributes.

Walter Frick in his article “Companies in Happy Cities Invest More of the Long Term” takes a closer look at the finding. What do you think about the researcher’s conclusions- accurate or off the mark?  We’d particularly like to hear from you if you’re in Sarasota FL, Honolulu HI, Raleigh NC, Thousand Oaks CA or El Paso TX as you are living in one of 2015’s Top 5 happiest US cities.

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