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Fads vs. Trends In Marketing



If you are responsible for, or even involved in, the marketing of your Company, take the time to read this article.

For Marketing Managers, one of the most challenging aspects of the job is determining where to spend your marketing dollars. Long past are the days when marketing budgets were divided between print advertising, direct mail and TV/radio. Technological advances, while enabling highly targeted messaging, have created  a surplus of marketing tools all clamoring for your marketing dollars. Social media, mobile devices, interactive marketing, point of purchase, content marketing, blogging/ online marketing are just a few examples of marketing tools that have come into existence just within the last decade and a half.

With finite marketing budgets, it is critical for the success of your marketing, not to mention your own long term employment prospects, to effectively identify which tools are worthy of your marketing dollars. A key factor in identifying these tools is determining which may be no more than short term Fads versus those that are long term Trends.  While Fads could be good short term plays, and have certainly made some people very wealthy, it is the long term Trends that warrant a committed investment and the highest potential for a sustained return on your marketing dollars.

In this article, author Sarah Burke provides some sound advice on how to identify a Fad, i.e. Beanie Babies and AOL Instant Messaging, verses a long term Trend, ebooks and mobile optimization. She goes on in a ‘case study’ like approach to analyze the Fad/Trend status of 5 current marketing tools and provides examples of how some companies are utilizing them today.  Overall a very thought provoking article that, if no more, will leave you with at least one way to determine a Fad versus a Trend.

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