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  • Foreign Investment Helps Buoy The U.S. Real Estate Market

    In her recent article published last month in Forbes, Katina Stefanova sites 5 reasons why she feels the real estate market will continue its growth. What we find interesting is that 3 of the 5 reasons she sites involve foreign influences. Foreign investment in US real estate is nothing new. However since the financial crash [...]

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  • Technology’s Impact On The Urban Landscape

    Urban landscapes are in a constant state of flux. Changing habits, perceptions, economic conditions and lifestyle preferences all play a role in this flux, which is often generalized as a move from ‘city living’ to ‘suburb living’ or vise-versa. During the latter half of the 20th century, migrations cycles from city to suburbs and back [...]

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  • Entrepreneurship And The Youth Of Today

    All of you reading this post, just like us here at String, work for a company that was founded by an entrepreneur or a group of entrepreneurs.  For decades, the creation of new businesses and the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ have been a mainstay of America’s culture, heritage and most importantly, its economic prosperity.  It is for [...]

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  • Aprés Great Recession, Whither Capitalism?

    “Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin” – Allan Meltzer As we slowly and painfully recover from the Great Recession, Judge Jed Rakoff asks a very fundamental question: “Why has the financial crisis not led to anyone being penalized” in a thought-provoking essay, and one we’d do well to heed if the country would [...]

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