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  • December 2018: Top 10 tweets

    What we’re wondering is who are the 5% of homebuyers who don’t use a website to start their homebuying search (it’s only 1% of millennials). Anyway, the article’s an opinion piece about the importance of fintech. This might be more of a problem than rapidly rising home prices – higher mortgage payments. We think it’s [...]

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  • November 2018: Top 10 tweets

    Rent price increases have stabilized this year even as stronger growth was seen in metro areas with strong local economies. “I learned it by watching you!” Homeowner parents lead to homeowner children. Fannie announces action plan to help homeowners recovering natural disasters as California’s deadly wildfire tolls reach 63 and 630 people or more still [...]

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  • October 2018: Top 10 tweets

    Probably on a Tesla – our guess on what homeowners are using their home equity on. Alas, reality is less speedy. It’s Monday and too easy to focus on the gloom and doom so instead here’s a good stat – 44% of all homeowners have $100k of equity. Rate hikes and home price growth in [...]

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  • September 2018: Top 10 tweets

    Doing the mortgage-free dance in these cities. Freddie uses car metaphors to describe the economy. Vroom vroom. Money, money, and more money! Average homeowner gained over 16 grand in equity in a year. Manufactured housing might actually appreciate, instead of the commonly thought constant depreciation. Visualizing the aftermath: one company provides projections of Hurricane Florence’s [...]

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  • August 2018 : Top 10 tweets

    One market segment where the lower-priced product is rising in price faster than the higher-priced product Blues in the Sunshine State – mortgage delinquencies up in this state only This is definitely good news – mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure inventory fall to lowest rate in 11 & 12 years This sounds like good news – [...]

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