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  • June 2019: Top 10 tweets

    One billion dollars (you can’t hear it, but we’re saying it in our best Dr. Evil voice). That’s how much money Google’s going to spend in the Bay Area for affordable housing. Single family home sales drop 7.8% in May, missing expectations Renting and reinvesting in stocks is better for people in 19 of 23 [...]

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  • May 2019: Top 10 tweets

    “Maybe next year.” This year continues the two year decline in people who want to buy a house. Ending with not a bang but a whimper. No, we’re not talking about poet T.S. Eliot, but the expected millennial homebuying wave. Mortgage apps are up from last week, but could people be delaying buying a home [...]

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  • April 2019: Top 10 tweets

    San Francisco is a bellwether of sorts – is the weakening housing market there due to affordability issues or varying interest rates? (The story suggest it’s one or the other, but we have our suspicions about multiple simultaneous reasons). The West Coast is down, the East Coast up – it all ends up with home [...]

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  • March 2019: Top 10 tweets

    Forget “Go West,” affordable renters markets are in the middle. “Go Middle” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. There’s 3.27 million homeowners who might be able to save .75% by refinancing their mortgage. But does the hassle outweigh the benefit? Affordability math: slowing home prices + stronger wage gains + lower mortgage [...]

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  • February 2019: Top 10 tweets

    Well, that’s a switch. It’s now more expensive to be a homeowner in every state than being a renter. NASCAR team ownership, PGA tournaments, multimillion $ homes, private jets. The former CEO of Landcastle was living a pretty “lavish lifestyle” until he was sentenced for 15 years for embezzling $26M. This story is more like [...]

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