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  • Technology’s Impact On The Urban Landscape

    Urban landscapes are in a constant state of flux. Changing habits, perceptions, economic conditions and lifestyle preferences all play a role in this flux, which is often generalized as a move from ‘city living’ to ‘suburb living’ or vise-versa. During the latter half of the 20th century, migrations cycles from city to suburbs and back [...]

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  • Changes In The Notary Business: Part 1 – The Big Picture

    A guest post from Marc Aronson of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries. Let us know what you think. What have notaries done since the beginning of notarial time? Identified their customer, Observed the customer’s Signature being affixed to a document (and thereby vouched that this really was the customer’s autograph), and As a clerk, provided the [...]

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  • What’s On ALTA’s Plate In 2014: An Update From Brian Pitman

    One of the keynotes at the 2014 ATIM Conference in Portland was an update from Brian Pitman, President of Texas-based Independence Title  and a member of the Board of Governors for ALTA. Brian did a great job summarizing the hot button issues ALTA’s working on. If you’ve been a regular at ALTA Conferences most of [...]

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  • Aprés Great Recession, Whither Capitalism?

    “Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin” – Allan Meltzer As we slowly and painfully recover from the Great Recession, Judge Jed Rakoff asks a very fundamental question: “Why has the financial crisis not led to anyone being penalized” in a thought-provoking essay, and one we’d do well to heed if the country would [...]

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