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  • April 2016: Top 10 Tweets

    Large online lenders on CFPB supervision next year Technology enables radical changes in RE investments Housing to maintain its momentum in 2016: Freddie Mac Rising home prices prevents first-time buyers, @WSJ Impact of business returns on mortgage status GSEs targets 90% of new single-family mortgages Calling out to all mortgage lenders… String can add 5% [...]

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  • January 2016: Top 10 Tweets

    US real estate to attract more foreigners in 2016 “What to expect from tighter Fed policy”, @CNBC Mortgage rates start 2016 below 4%: Freddie Mac Commercial and multifamily mortgage lending expected to increase in 2016 Community banks still battling with TRID regulation rebrands as Ten-X, ten times better TRID-related delays led to highest monthly [...]

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  • Changes Under Way In The Mortgage And Title Industry

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin The Darwin quote should become a daily mantra for all title and mortgage industry participants. In our humble opinion, we’re in the middle of the most [...]

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  • Social Media And The Title/ Mortgage Industry

    ALTA did an admirable job with its Social Media Summit at the Business Strategies Conference in Nashville back in March.  The speakers and presentations were solid and provided great insights. Some anecdotal observations: 1) So much to do, such little time Many of the attendees were overwhelmed by the sheer flood of data.  As one [...]

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  • Twitter Top 10

    String tweets. A lot. Here’s a round of our most popular tweets over the last month. Per #TitleReport, title insurance experts agree with #POTUS in #SOTU on homeownership. Et tu? HELOCs, those vilified mortgage products that contributed to housing bubble & crash, are booming again. What’s behind the equity credit line eruption? #WSJ op-ed: Govt [...]

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