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  • Why It Makes Sense To Outsource The Pre-Approval Process

    In a post last month, we suggested that when it comes to business process outsourcing (BPO) consideration should be given to outsourcing steps as well as whole processes. The examples we provided of steps ideally suited for outsourcing focused largely on steps performed by the settlement agent. With this post we will look at a [...]

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  • Ben Carson & Upcoming Government Updates

    “Many say owning a home is at the heart of the American Dream which means you -that help so many families – are dream makers.” ~ HUD Secretary Ben Carson to lenders at MBA Annual Speaking Monday during the morning general session at the Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Conference in Denver, Carson provided the attendees [...]

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  • Common Home Buying Mistakes To Avoid

    For many first-time home buyers, and a good number of second and third time buyers, the home buying process can be a stressful and complicated process. Mistakes and missteps during the process can have a costly and long-term impact on the buyer. Luckily, home buyers can turn to and rely on the expertise of real [...]

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  • The Importance Of The Appraisal Process

    When financing the purchase of a home, the focus of most homebuyers is on credit scores, level of income and how much they will be shelling out as a down payment. While these are important metrics, which a lender will use to determine if a loan will be granted, the home appraisal should be considered [...]

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  • Outsourcing Steps Vs. Processes

    Articles and online posts that cover the topic of outsourcing frequently present the business activities that are outsourced as multi-phased processes. Activities such as loan processing or title review and policy production are common examples. Even the industry’s moniker, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), has the connotation of a multi-phase process and we too have discussed outsourcing in [...]

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