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  • Technology’s New Marketing /Communication Tools

    If you’ve been involved in the marketing of a company over the past decade or two, you know that new technology has drastically changed the way businesses communicate. Once largely limited to a mix of print advertising (magazine, paper, billboards, etc.), radio, TV and direct mail, technology has expanded the scope of marketing by adding [...]

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  • Smart Cities – Worth The Cost?

    In this article published last week in Forbes, author Bernard Marr takes a look at how big data and the Internet of Things are being used to build “Smart Cities”. That is cities where smart systems are imbedded in the infrastructure to collect data on everything from traffic patterns and waste management to law enforcement [...]

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  • Warren Buffett’s “2 List” Strategy

    How to Maximize Your Focus and Master Your Priorities Mike Flint was Buffett’s personal airplane pilot for 10 years and he shares simple 3-step productivity strategy that Warren Buffett uses to help his employees determine their priorities and actions. Here’s how it works… STEP 1: Write down top 25 career goals. (Note: this can be applied [...]

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  • Bruce Springsteen In The New Yorker

    “Some guys they just give up living And start dying little by little, piece by piece Some guys come home from work and wash up And go racing in the street” – Bruce Springsteen (Racing In The Street) Calling fans of Bruce Springsteen:  Check out this profile  by David Remnick from the New Yorker. If [...]

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  • Closing Cartoon

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