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  • String Book Summary: “Winning” By Jack & Suzy Welch

    Jack Welch was arguably the most successful professional American CEO in the 2nd half of the 20th century. Alfred Sloan of GM would get my vote for the first half and for the entire 20th century. Welch led GE for twenty eventful and very successful years from 1981 through 2000.  When he left, GE was [...]

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  • The Federal Reserve: What’s Really Behind The Curtain?

    The Federal Reserve is the single important economic institution in the world. And for those of us in the title and mortgage industry, as we know all too well the impact it can have on our business.  I might argue that the Fed actions over the last five years (its QE policies starting Dec 2008 [...]

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  • What Exactly Is The Lean Startup, And Why Should It Matter To You?

    Some of you may have heard of the concept of the “Lean Startup.” It’s the single best framework for answering the question: how do I develop and test a new product/ service offering? The Lean StartUp model is applicable to garage start-ups and business units within Fortune 500 companies as well. The bibliophiles at String [...]

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