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  • The Federal Reserve: What’s Really Behind The Curtain?

    The Federal Reserve is the single important economic institution in the world. And for those of us in the title and mortgage industry, as we know all too well the impact it can have on our business.  I might argue that the Fed actions over the last five years (its QE policies starting Dec 2008 [...]

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  • Twitter Top 10

    String joined the twitter-verse a month ago.  Here are our top 10 tweets, in no particular order. If you’re regulated by the FFIEC/ CFPB/ OCC/ FDIC/ NCUA/ Federal Reserve and you use social media, you should take a look at these FFIEC guidelines NYT says banks total bill for mortgage lawsuits could be $50B and [...]

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  • Top 10 Questions For 2014

    Calculated Risk is my #1 source for all matters related to economics and housing. And it should be yours, too! Thank you, Bill and Tanta (RIP) for all of the effort and energy you’ve put into making Calculated Risk what it is today. Every year-end, Bill creates a list of the 10 most important economic [...]

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