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An Overlooked Benefit Of BPO


Many articles on the web covers the obvious benefits of outsourcing — cost savings, increased efficiency, faster turnaround times and improved customer service. While these four benefits are certainly worthwhile and make the case for outsourcing, there is one benefit that is often overlooked — Expertise.

BPO service providers are highly specialized. Their business model focuses on performing specific steps in a process, such as title commitment preparation, and repeating those steps thousands or millions of times. It is this focus and repetition that makes them experts in their respective service area. An entity that retains a BPO service provider gains this expertise at a fraction of the cost and time to develop and maintain such in house.

Furthermore, as our industry is saddled with additional regulations, a BPO service provider’s expertise can assist in assuring that the services they have been retained to provide are in fact in compliance with existing regulations.

Are you currently using a BPO service provider? If so, what do you consider the #1 benefit of outsourcing?

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