Making the real estate industry more efficient


  • How Banks Benefit From Outsourcing Loan Production

    Companies in every industry face challenges. Those that can overcome and adapt to the challenges thrive, while those that cannot cease to operate. Banks and mortgage companies are no different. We must continually adapt to both the historical challenges faced by our industry, such as attracting the next generation of home buyers, and those that […]

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  • The All Important Title Search

    Like any major purchase, real estate sale and refinance transactions generate a significant amount of documentation. From the initial purchase contract to the loan application, appraisal, flood report, mortgage, closing disclosure and title & homeowner’s insurance policies, the purchaser/ borrower is flooded with documentation. While each piece of information collected is critical to the sale […]

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  • Turning Fixed Costs into Variable Costs

    As business managers, one of our primary objectives, regardless of the industry, is to efficiently manage overhead expenses. With proper management of the fixed and variable costs that make up your overhead, you are more likely to reach breakeven sooner, generate a profit faster and realize greater profit margins. In short, you’ll be more likely to […]

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  • April 2017 : Top 10 tweets

    U.S. home sellers realized average price gain of $44,000 in Q1 2017 Mortgage interest rate decline in March CFPB offers much needed protection, report says NY state home sales rise 2.7% YoY Delinquency rate drops to 11-year low Title industry in middle of M&A wave: String/ JMP Securities webinar on M&A Opportunities In The Title […]

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