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String’s “inch-wide, mile-deep” focus

String is one among a handful of global service providers who focus exclusively on the American real-estate industry. It is this single-minded presence of nearly a decade in the industry that has given String a focus it calls “inch-wide, mile-deep”; a focus that has helped it amass a staggering amount of knowledge about the challenges faced in this sector by Title and Mortgage players. String’s “inch-wide, mile-deep” focus has helped it provide specialized solutions to its customers that not only deliver very high value but also demonstrate its redoubtable expertise.

The String team is comprehensively trained and collectively has over 5 million person hours of experience in Title Insurance & Residential Mortgage; and as you will invariably notice in your interactions, each member of String’s team is fully conversant with the nitty-gritty of the real-estate sector.

  • Processed over 20 million title & mortgage transactions
  • Over 500,000 documents processed annually for title plant posting
  • Worked across all 1200+ online title plants
  • Handled production across all major title processing & loan origination platforms
  • Transitioned over 350 title and mortgage processes
  • Developed a repository of over 40 technology and domain interventions (tools, frameworks, algorithms) that deliver process efficiencies

String has won several accolades including the Smart CEO Future 50 Award and the Inc 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US & MAP Vital factors Solutions Award.

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